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Buildair installs a second hangar in Lleida-Alguaire Airport

CIMNE's spin-off Buildair Ingeniería y Arquitectura S.A. has installed a second inflatable H25x30 hangar in Lleida-Alguaire Airport. It has been setup in 1 day joining the H20x20 that was set-up by the company last July. The inflatable hagar is almost zero power consumption and perfo...


Buildair installs an inflatable hangar at the Lleida-Alguaire airport

The company Buildair, a spin-off of CIMNE, has installed an inflatable and mobile hangar at the airport of Lleida-Alguaire. This pilot test will allow to evaluate its functionality and to publicize its possible uses, especially for the aeronautical, industrial and even military sectors. On 1...


Fibreship Project in El País

Fibreship Project has recently appeared in El País. The daily explains in an extensive article the objectives of this project participated by CIMNE and its spin-off Compass: to overcome the technical challenge of replacing steel in shipbuilding with composite materials and fiber polymers.&nbs...


Buildair sets up the world’s largest inflatable hangar in Saudi Arabia

CIMNE spin-off company Buildair has successfully erected the largest inflatable hangar ever conceived in the world in Jeddah Airport, Saudi Arabia, for Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI), a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian Ailines. This structure was designed and manufactured by Buildair in it...


Inflatable breakwaters against storms

On Sunday June 2nd 2019, CIMNE appeared in the news at La Vanguardia for the design of an innovative system for coastal protection to mitigate the effect of storms in sandy beaches using inflatable breakwaters. The idea is to build submerged structures laid on the seabed that can be selectively infl...


Informative video about a new research project in augmented reality in open surgeries

QuirónSalud has just published an informative video about REALQUIRUR Project, promoted by the J. Torrent Institute in which CIMNE participates as technological partner. The project has received funding from the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) ...

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