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Call for applications to the position of Director General of CIMNE

The International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) has launched a call for aplications for the position of Director General of the centre. This is part of a plan proposed by Professor Eugenio Oñate (the current director and founder of the centre in 1987) and...


Lucia Barbu gives a talk in the cycle of presentations of the Catalan High School Awards

The CIMNE researcher and Principal Investigator of the EU project Fatigue4Light will give a talk tomorrow, 16 July, to the awarded catalan students with the High School Prize. Barbu will participate in the cicle of presentations of the award ceremony that will be taken in online format to speak...


New open access publication about wedge-shaped blocks for dam protection

Recently, CIMNE scientists Rafael Morán and Javier San Mauro has participated in the publication titled "Hydrodynamic Performance and Design Evolution of Wedge-Shaped Blocks for Dam Protection against Overtopping" in the open access magazine Water, within the Special issue about Dam...


The Cuban Academy of Sciences awards the National Award 2020 to Eduardo Soudah

The CIMNE researcher and group leader of Bio-Medical Engineering, Eduardo Soudah, has recently been awarded the National Award 2020 by the Cuban Academy of Sciences. This award is thanks to the collaborative work “Mathematical modelling for problem-solving of production, services and health&rd...


LASH FIRE project launches a new report

The new report launched by the project LASH FIRE is titled "Study and analysis of regulations, accident investigations and stakeholders for bridge alarm panel design". Based on results from the Firesafe II and SEBRA projects, one area of fire-safety related design that is in particular need of atten...


FIBRE4YARDS: Transferring advanced production technologies to the naval sector

Fibre4yards is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 that gathers 13 partner organisations from six European countries -CIMNE (coordinator), SAS L-UP, TSI, TUL, INEGI, NAVAL Group, COMPASSIS, Curve Works, IRURENA, 10XL, Innov Ateknea, Bureau Veritas, IRT Jules Verne- for 36 month...

1 - 6 [96]