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The UPC continues in the top 100 of worldwide universities in Mathematics and Civil Engineering

The Technical University of Catalonia (UPC BarcelonaTech) continues being one of the top 100 worldwide universities in Technology and Instrumental Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics and Civil Engineering. In addition, it leads the state panorama in two categories: Atmospheric Sciences and W...


CIMNE partipates at NextGEM, an EU-project promoting safety in EMF-based telecommunication technologies

While emerging wireless technologies that use radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) are vital for the European way of life, particularly in telecommunications, there is an increasing consideration of their possible adverse effects on human health and the environment, which may be potential...


CIMNE renews its Equality Plan

CIMNE has approved the renewal of its Equality Plan for the period 2022-2026. This is the second Equality plan promoted by CIMNE with objetive of guarantee full gender equality opportunities and ensure that any person in the centre is valued based on their profile and professional performance withou...


CIMNE researchers participate at a workshop in the European Parliament

On the 14th June of 2022, two researchers from CIMNE, Pere-Andreu Ubach and Fernando Hermosilla, attended a workshop at the European Parliament in Brussels. The workshop had the title: "La defensa de los grandes deltas europeos: el Ebro, degradación y soluciones". During the event, ...


Productive PECT InnoDelta Meeting Lab at CIMNE Castelldefels

On 10th June, 2022, was taken place a Lab Meeting of the project PECT InnoDelta. It is a territorial specialization and competitiveness project financed by the Government of Catalonia and the European Commission through FEDER funds. Its mission is to create a laboratory territory of the industrial n...


Sucessful welcome session to Javier Bonet, new director of CIMNE

The new director of CIMNE, Javier Bonet, has presented himself to the CIMNE community in an event held on the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC BarcelonaTech), where the centre has its main premises. The conference room of the School of Engineering in Barcelona, located at C2 Building of the No...

1 - 6 [129]