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CIMNE Resolution on the prioritisation of candidates for the Joan Oró Grants for the recruitment of junior research staff (FI-2024)
The CIMNE Evaluation Committee for the Prioritisation of Candidates for the Joan Oró Grants for the recruitment of new research staff (FI-2024), formed by Dr. Pedro Díez Mejía, Dr. Alessandra Di Mariano and Dr. Gabriel Bugeda, which met on 18/12/2023 has published its decision.&...

Webinar - Advanced Fatigue Simulation methodology for Electric Vehicles chassis parts
On 28 November, Fatigue4Light, a project coordinated by CIMNE to develop lightweight solutions adapted to the chassis parts of electric vehicles, will host a webinar entitled Advanced Fatigue Simulation methodology for Electric Vehicles chassis parts. The event, which will last less than two hours,...

Pere Andreu Ubach presents inflatable breakwaters solutions in Sitges
In mid-September, CIMNE researcher Pere Andreu Ubach took part in a conference on sand management for beach sustainability, organised by Sitges Town Council [video available]. The aim of the meeting was to find the best solutions and actions to conserve and restore coastal sand, while preserving eco...

Abertis Award for CIMNE scientist Andrés Reyes
On October 9th, the Abertis Chair Spain, associated with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, awarded its 20th Abertis Awards for research into sustainable mobility to the best master's and doctoral theses on road infrastructure management and road safety. Andrés Reyes D&ia...

CIMNE participates in a UNESCO Chairs meeting in Cordoba to discuss the challenges of higher education
CIMNE participates in the meeting of UNESCO Chairs to discuss the challenges of higher education. Cecilia Soriano, the coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in Numerical Methods host by the UPC and managed by CIMNE, is attending this meeting held in Cordoba. Representatives of 35 UNESCO Chairs from ...

SuPreAM: In search of optimum surface integrity for additive manufacturing implementation
CIMNE participates in the SuPreAM partnership. This is an EU-funded project to develop and improve the performance and capabilities of a predictive simulation model of finishing operations in steel Additive Manufacturing (AM). It integrates the influence of steels, manufacturing technologies and ma...

1 - 6 [209]