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Ferran Falcó, new Vice-President of CIMNE
Mr. Ferran Falcó has been recently appointed as the new Vice-President of CIMNE. He will replace Professor Eugenio Oñate in this position that he held since the start-up of CIMNE in 1987. This appointment completes the reorganization of the top managing positions of CIMNE, initiated w...

Five CIMNE research groups have been awarded at the SGR-Cat 2021 call
The Goverment of Catalonia, through the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR, according its acronym in catalan), has granted the 100% of the proposals requested by CIMNE in the call SGR-Cat 2021. They consist in grant for support the scientific activity of research groups o...

CIMNE’s papers in journals increase by 23% in 2022
CIMNE researchers published 167 papers in journals in 2022. It represents an increase of 23% comparing with 2021 and a 30% more, if the average of the last five years is taken into account. The list of the papers is available on the Research section of CIMNE’s website, where it can seen both ...

Resolution of CIMNE Severo Ochoa Mobility Programme
On November 17, 2022, the CIMNE Severo Ochoa Mobility Program was published, with closing date December 16, 2022. The objective of the Program is to foster research collaborations of CIMNE researchers with partner institutions, promoting the sharing of expertise and the development of joint research...

CIMNE citation figures from Google Scholar to evaluate the scientific production in 2022
The CIMNE repository on Google Scholar (so-called CIMNE Scholar) has closed 2022 with nearly 110,000 total citations and 8,806 annual citations, which represents a slight increase in comparison with the 8,730 registered in 2021. In this way, the upward trend that began in 2018 is consolidated. ...

Fabiola Cavaliere, awarded a Pioner Award for her PhD
Fabiola Cavaliere has awarded with a Pioner Award by CERCA institution in recognition of her PhD thesis titled "Static and dynamic global stiffness analysis for automotive pre-design". Cavaliere's PhD thesis was co-directed by the leader of the Credible data-driven models research group at ...

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