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CIMNE BEEgroup member Benedetto Grillone participates in the "Transfiere" Forum

Benedetto Grillone, member of the Building, Energy and Environment Group (BEEgroup) of CIMNE has participated on 17 February in the "Transfiere" Forum held in Málaga (Spain). The event, which arrives to its eleventh edition, is an European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation. In sp...


Buildair celebrates next week an open doors event in Barcelona

The spin-off of CIMNE specialized in inflatable structures, Buildair, will celebrate an open door event next week: Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event will take place in the offices of the company in Molins de Rei (Barcelona). The visitor will be able to visit an inflatab...


Successful experimental test of new inflatable breakwater model

In recent years CIMNE has developed a new concept of inflatable breakwater. The inflatable breakwater is formed by a collection of polymer tubes anchored to the sea bottom. Once the tubes are filled with water, they create a breakwater structure that emerges over the water surface and can mitigate t...


Buildair installs an inflatable hangar for MRO tasks in the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Buildair, a spin-off company of CIMNE, is setting an inflatable hangar for the company GMR Aero Technic (GAT), a leading Airframe Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facility based at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad, India. The structure has a covered dimensions of 45.5 x 62 meters, maki...


Buildair carries out an intense international activity

Buildair, a spin-off of CIMNE, has recently carried out an intense international activity, which has resulted in participation in purchasing seminars, closing agreements and sponsorship of virtual events. Denmark: Copenhague United Nations Procurement Seminar 2021 Buildair has parti...


Prototype for Fresh Water Production of CIMNE spin-off

Fresh Water Nature SL (FWN), a spin-off company of CIMNE, has recently installed an experimental prototype for production of fresh water in the desalination plant Aguas Ter-Llobregat (ATL) located in the municipality of El Prat in Barcelona. The fresh water production technology of FWN is based on ...