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Successful experimental test of new inflatable breakwater model

In recent years CIMNE has developed a new concept of inflatable breakwater. The inflatable breakwater is formed by a collection of polymer tubes anchored to the sea bottom. Once the tubes are filled with water, they create a breakwater structure that emerges over the water surface and can mitigate t...


New CIMNE - FreshWater Nature paper available in Open Source: "Cool Steam Method for Desalinating Seawater"

Recently, researchers from CIMNE, CIMNE Tecnología and the spin-off of the Fresh Water Nature (FWN) research centre collaborated in the publication of an article titled "Cool Steam Method for Desalinating Seawater" in Water, a peer-reviewed, open access journal on water science and technology...


CIMNE researchers publish a new paper about parallel algorithms on SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing

The CIMNE researchers Santiago Badia, Alberto F. Martín, Eric Neiva and Francesc Verdugo from Large Scale Scientific Computing Group have recently published the article "A Generic Finite Element Framework on Parallel Tree-Based Adaptive Meshes" on SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (Publis...


Irene Arias, Michele Chiumenti and Julio García get professorships at Spanish Universities

The CIMNE researchers Drs. Irene Arias, Michele Chiumenti and Julio García have been recently appointed as Full Professors at Spanish Universities. Irene Arias Michele Chiumenti Julio García Drs. Arias and Chiumenti have got their Full Professorships...


Emergency inflatable bridges arrives in Japan

Pneumatic Structures Technologies (PSTech), participated in by Buildair Ingeniería y Arquitectura, created by CIMNE professors about twenty years ago and recently the Catalan Institute of Finance’s part-owned, has sold the first unit of its inflatable bridge product for emergencies to t...


Successful 10th GiD Convention, the first in online format

The 10th GiD Convention was celebrated on July 20th in a new format, due to the pandemic situation. Despite the challenge of adopting a 100% online format, the event successfully developed. The convention was composed by presentations ...

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