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Buildair carries out an intense international activity

Buildair, a spin-off of CIMNE, has recently carried out an intense international activity, which has resulted in participation in purchasing seminars, closing agreements and sponsorship of virtual events. Denmark: Copenhague United Nations Procurement Seminar 2021 Buildair has parti...


CIMNE hosts the 3rd Chinese-European Workshop on International Cooperation on Aviation Research

Last June 26, CIMNE hosted the 3rd Chinese-European Workshop on International Cooperation on Aviation Research where the ICARE Consortium –of which CIMNE is a member– met with its Chinese counterpart, the INNOVATE Consortium. This workshop is a follow-up of the previous one hosted by CAE...


Spanish Minister of Development supports the Nereidas project at TEN-T Days 2016

The yearly appointment on EU Infrastructure Policy, TEN-T Days, took place in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) from the 20th to the 22nd of June. It was promoted by the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission. At the TEN-T Days conference, key stakeholders, na...


'El Periódico' publishes CIMNE research to prevent tsunamis

On the occasion of the eleventh anniversary of marine earthquake that struck the coasts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand in 2004 and coined the term tsunami, El Periódico has dedicated an article to the research on the prevention of this kind of natural disasters. The ...


Varadaraju Gandikota, new Scientific Director of CIMNE-USA

Varadaraju (Raju) Gandikota has been appointed Scientific Director of the USA branch of the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE-USA) from November 1st, 2015. Gandikota is an expert on computational engineering. Also, he has extensive industrial experience in the field th...


CIMNE TIC establishes its first OKO production line in China

In October 2015, two representatives of CIMNE TIC, Jordi Jiménez (Head of the TIC Dept.) and Francesc Campà have travelled to China looking forward to set the seal on a production agreement. After intense negotiations with multiple suppliers, CIMNE TIC has established its first OKO pro...

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