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Number Reading Author Title Directors Programme Qualification
1 24/01/2022 Yago, Daniel A new computational approach to topology optimization in solid mechanics problems Cante, Juan
Lloberas, Oriol
UPC-Mechanical, Fluid and Aeronautical Engineering -
2 24/01/2022 Mor, Gerard Statistical learning methods for energy assessment in buildings with applications at different geographic levels Chemisa, Daniel UdL-Engineering and Information Technologies -
3 Pending Khadivipanah, Peiman Modelling thermo-mechanical response of metal canister disposed in engineered barrier systems Olivella, Sebastian
Vaunat, Jean
UPC-Civil Engineering -
4 Pending Hashemi, Mohammad Direct Numerical Simulation of Multi-phase Flow in Complex Media Ryzhakov, Pavel
Rossi, Ricardo
UPC-Civil Engineering -