CIMNE Severo Ochoa Outgoing Mobility Programme

The CIMNE Severo Ochoa Outgoing Mobility Programme, is open to CIMNE researchers who want to expand their expertise and network by joining in a leading university or research center in the discipline of numerical methods and computational mechanics.

The programme supports collaboration and short-term visits, from two weeks to three months stays. It does not support travel to attend conferences, congresses or workshops.

It provides grants supporting travel and/or accommodation up to a maximum of 2.000 € per person, covering travel, accommodation and/or daily allowance expenses.

The CIMNE Severo Ochoa Outgoing Mobility Programme is funded by the Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence (2019-2023) under the grant CEX2018-000797-S funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033.


  • The objective of the Severo Ochoa Outgoing Mobility Programme is to foster research collaborations of CIMNE researchers with partner institutions, promoting the sharing of expertise and the development of joint research activities.
  • The programme ensures that the fellows get the proper international exposure and expand their experience, thus promoting their career.
  • Activities should be oriented to develop the necessary links to provide new knowledge and training to the fellows, including developing join research, new collaborations, training, co-authoring of academic publications, and research proposals, among others.
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    • The CIMNE Severo Ochoa Outgoing Mobility Programme is open to CIMNE research staff, with active link at time of submission.
    • The stay has to be finalized before November 30, 2023, and no later than the end of the binding period with CIMNE.


    • The first call for applications is open until December 16, 2022 at noon.
    • At the time of submission, it is necessary to have the agreement of the hosting CIMNE research group.
    • Any individual candidate can be awarded with funding only once per year.


    • The submitted proposals will be assessed and ranked by an ad-hoc CIMNE Selection Committee appointed by the Managing Board.
    • If necessary, the committee may request more information from the candidates, or ask the PI of the hosting group to obtain more details to prioritize the applications.


    • Expected impact for CIMNE, in terms of research excellence and societal impact.
    • Alignment with CIMNE’s thematic priorities.
    • Complementarity of the hosting group with CIMNE sending group.
    • Proposals submitted by female researchers are particularly welcome.


    • The allocated budget for the CIMNE Severo Ochoa Incoming Mobility Programme is 30.000 €.
    • The maximum grant is 2000 € per person per visit.
    • The grant does not necessarily cover 100% of the total expenses. The funds can be combined with other funds (compatible with other funding instruments) or through resources of the sending research group.

    Obligations of the incoming researchers

    • After completing their stays, they will deliver a Severo Ochoa Seminar or a Severo Ochoa Coffee Talk, open to all staff members.
    • They must present to CIMNE a certificate from the host Institution stating the effective dates of the stay, no later than 15 days after returning.
    • They must produce and submit a short a research report describing the activities fulfilled during the stay, and the research outcomes.
    • Mobility is funded under the umbrella of the Severo Ochoa National project and therefore it is bound to follow the Spanish rules regarding travel and reimbursement regulations.


    • To apply for funding within the Severo Ochoa Outgoing Mobility Programme, the PI of the hosting group at CIMNE has to submit the completed Application Form available through the following link: Application form
    • Download PDF version