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Edificio B0, 1ª planta, Despatx 103

Campus Nord UPC


C/Gran Capità, s/n Campus Nord UPC, Edificio C1

08034, Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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Bio-Medical Engineering

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PHD Student

CV Biomedical Engineer from University of Cordoba (Argentine) - [General Average 9,19]WORK EXPERIENCE-Young professional Research Development analyst- PROMEDON (Prosthesis industry- CAD/CAE)-Supervised professional practice - Children--s Hospital of the Holy Trinity (Biomodels and 3D Printing)-Assistant in research - Cell Biology Institute - National University of Crdoba (UNC) (neurodegenrative diseases)-Research assistant - Materials Laboratory - University of Exact Sciences (UNC) (Mechanical tests)-Primary and secondary school support - Physics, mathematics and chemistry.RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT-Collaboration in simulation project by finite element method of a prosthesis for the treatment of urinary incontinence- Invivo study.-Thesis: Modelling and simulation by finite element of a prosthesis for the treatment of urinary incontinence- Invitro study.-Assistant in the design of a myoelectric hand prosthesis. 3D printing of components (Fcefyn - UNC).-Design and development of an orthosis for 3D printed foot-bot treatment (Biomodels unit).-Research of biocompatible materials available in the market for 3D printing (Biomodels unit).LANGUAGES-Spanish (native)-English B2 (FCE)-French (A1)