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Carlos Augusto MOREIRA FILHO




Building C1, first floor, Room 102


C/Gran Capità, s/n Campus Nord UPC, Edificio C1

08034, Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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Industrial Manufacturing Processes

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Research Engineer

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Civil Engineer from the Federal University of Pernambuco – Brazil, with a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering focusing on the development of Nonlinear behavior of Cable-Stayed Bridges (2014) from the University of São Paulo – Brazil and a doctoral degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia on Finite Element Simulation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) with enhanced accuracy (2022) obtaining the mark Excellent Cum Laude for his Ph.D. thesis.

Currently, Dr. Moreira is a Research Engineer, at the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE), hired on a competitive basis. The work developed is held by the Engineering Mechanics Group directed by professors Miguel Cervera, Ramon Codina, Michele Chiumenti and Carlos Agelet de Saracibar.

In the field of industry, Dr. Moreira worked as a bridge engineer from 2014-2017 in Brazil, developing valuable experience in the use of structural modeling programs, applied to structural analysis and design based on minimum requirements provided by both national and international regulations (NBR, Eurocode, among others). Furthermore, Dr. Moreira is an expert in conventional and non-conventional structural reinforcement, as well as structural performance techniques for reinforced concrete and metallic structures.

In the field of research, Dr. Moreira developed researches in linear and nonlinear constitutive modeling of materials, thermo-mechanical coupling, mixed finite element formulations, mesh adaptivity, and high-performance computing simulations; the aim of his research is to increase numerical accuracy and reduce computational cost in the simulation of AM processes. Additionally, Dr. Moreira has knowledge in coding and debugging both Fortran90 and Fortran 2008 with object-oriented paradigm, numerical analyses of Additive manufacturing processes, pre-post processing using GiD, post-processing using Paraview and running and debugging cases in clusters (HPCs).

Dr. Moreira has worked on a total of 8 R&D projects (1 European and 7 Nationals), which together result in total funding of approximately 1,000,000 €, of which 2 are ongoing projects. The research field of the projects aims to promote the improvement of the numerical accuracy and performance of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Framework in a High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment for large-scale applications of the AM industry. The interest of the AM industry in his research enabled the direct collaboration with companies such as ArcelorMittal (Luxemburg), Mecachrome (France) and Lortek (Spain).