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CV Salva Latorre studied Civil Engineering at the ETSECPPB, located in the same University premises as CIMNE. He started working at CIMNE while finishing his Final Degree Project. The main objective of that project was to integrate the PFEM technology in a DDS (decision support system) to help in the construction of a harbour.

He followed by joining the PFEM (Particle Finite Element Method) team and started working on the testing, development and improvement of the PFLOW package, based on the PFEM. He had the opportunity of using this software for the analysis of many engineering problems while working in different projects. The PFLOW application is designed to solve a wide spectrum of FSI problems.

After several years of using the PFEM, his main field of research gradually shifted to the DEM (Discrete Element Method). He has used this technology as the main tool for tackling several international projects, one of the most challenging dealing with the computational analysis of drilling operations.

He has been involved in several national and international research projects and nowadays is one of the developers of the DEM team.

His main research lines include both the PFEM and DEM. He currently focuses on DEM-FEM interaction problems and on the improvement of the DEM clusters technology.