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Acronym MATURE
Project title Continuous Social Learning in Knowledge Networks
Reference 216356
Principal investigator Gilbert PEFFER - gilbert@cimne.upc.edu
Start date 01/04/2008 End date 31/05/2012
Coordinator CIMNE
Consortium members
  • TUG
  • FHNW
  • PONT
  • UWAR
  • FZI
  • SAP
  • UPB
  • LTRI
  • BOC
  • UIBK
Program FP7 (2007-2013) Call FP7-ICT-2007-1
Subprogram COOPERATION Category Europeo
Funding body(ies) EC Grant 605.452,00 €
Abstract The agility of organizations has become the critical success factor for competitiveness in a world characterized by an accelerating rate of change. Agility requires that companies and their employees together and mutually dependently learn and develop their competencies efficiently in order to improve productivity of knowledge work. Failures of organisation-driven approaches to technology-enhanced learning and the success of community-driven approaches in the spirit of Web 2.0 have shown that for that agility we need to leverage the intrinsic motivation of employees to engage in collaborative learning activities, and combine it with a new form of organisational guidance. For that purpose, MATURE conceives individual learning processes to be interlinked (the output of a learning process is input to others) in a knowledge-maturing process in which knowledge changes in nature. This knowledge can take the form of classical content in varying degrees of maturity, but also involves tasks & processes or semantic structures. The goal of MATURE is to understand this maturing process better, based on empirical studies, and to build tools and services to reduce maturing barriers. MATURE’s outcome will be: (1) an analysis of real-world maturing practices, resulting in a sound general conceptual model of the knowledge maturing process and ways to overcome barriers to it (particularly including motivational and social) (2) a Personal Learning & Maturing Environment (PLME), embedded into the working environment, enabling and encouraging the individual to engage in maturing activities within communities and beyond (3) an Organisational Learning & Maturing Environment (OLME), enabling the organisation to analyze and to take up community activities, to reseed innovation processes and to apply guiding strategies (4) reusable Maturing Services for seeding and reseeding, and creating awareness of maturing-relevant individual and community activities MATURE brings together an experienced multi-disciplinary team of outstanding experts. To leverage their combined skills, it utilizes a participatory design methodology, involving companies inside and outside the consortium. MATURE has also begun to set up an associate partner network to maximize the project impact.