Url https://www.cimne.com/sgp/rtd/Project.aspx?id=170
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Acronym MOS4MOS
Project title Monitoring and Operation Services for Motorways of the Sea.
Official Website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/tent.portal/
Reference 2010-EU-21102-S
Principal investigator Julio GARCIA ESPINOSA - julio@cimne.upc.edu
Start date 21/03/2011 End date 31/05/2012
Consortium members
  • EAI
  • ULeiden
  • AUA
  • Dynacell-TIMC
  • C3M d.o.o
  • ASOL
  • CTC B.V.
  • UOR
  • CSTB
  • UR3
Program TEN-T Programme 2007-2013 Call Call MoS 2010
Subprogram MAWP-Multi-Annual Work Programmes 2007-2013 Category Europeo
Funding body(ies) EC Grant 25.776,50 €
Abstract The Monitoring and Operation Services for the Motorways of the Sea (MOS4MOS) global project aims to provide a suitable array of measures in order for ports to become efficient gateways. The ultimate goal is to boost the ability of short sea shipping to compete on more door-to-door corridors and facilitate the development of TEN-T Motorways of the Sea network connecting the regions in the Mediterranean area and revitalising peripheral regions. The project will contribute to establishing a European/Mediterranean maritime space without barriers by facilitating and simplifying compliance with regulations and by promoting intermodal sustainable transport solutions that reinforce the MoS strategy and that take full advantage of existing port facilities and short sea capacities. MOS4MOS intends to demonstrate how the application of emerging and existing technologies sustained by efficient communication procedures and collaborative information exchanges among public and private stakeholders can improve, promote and simplify the use of multimodal short-sea services by using motorways of the sea (MoS hereafter). The MOS4MOS global project will result in the development of a European Mediterranean network of integrated MoS transport chains, taking full advantage of existing short sea shipping services and facilities, linking maritime, road and rail resources optimally. The main objective of the MOS4MOS Action is to design and demonstrate a set of prototypes that will improve the operational coordination of transport flows and facilitate tight co-ordination between the various administrative services and operators at port level to ensure that they can cope efficiently with their gateway function (e.g. port authority, port terminal operators, customs office, services in charge of controls and inspections, ships agents and ships masters) in line with the requirements of Directive 2010/65 EU. The MOS4MOS Action is a study which takes the form of a pilot action primarily aimed at preparing the different key stakeholder systems (ports and terminals, railways, rail freight stations, maritime carriers, short sea consolidation centres, etc) to provide integrated and interoperable services for door-to-door MOS supply chains. The prototypes foreseen will be applied to existing door-to-door MOS supply chains in the Mediterranean region, namely in the following: Spain-Italy, Spain-Slovenia, Spain-Greece, Slovenia-Greece and Italy-Greece. The prototypes will address two different types of traffic: ro-ro and containerised freight, and will aim to achieve a better integration between the different modes of transport and their actors involved in the door-to-door MoS transport chain: road, rail and maritime transport. MOS4MOS will identify current constraints and bottlenecks in MoS corridors for both types of traffic and will propose actions to improve the current situation through the use of information and communication technologies. It will be in particular interested in defining ICT solutions that can become standards that are flexible enough to be applied widely. More specifically, the goals of the Action are: - Facilitating and simplifying the compliance with regulations of companies in a door-to-door MoS supply chain. - Improving the exchange of information of public and private organisations to increase the efficiency of ports as MoS gateways; e.g new methods for simplifying Customs controls of intra-Community trade at ports will be defined and piloted. - Improving the operational cooperation of the actors of the different transport modes in a door-to-door MoS supply chain. - Providing a set of monitoring services for the door-to-door MOS supply chains. Tracking and tracing of MoS freight will be demonstrated as a result of this Action. - Promoting and supporting sustainable intermodal transport solutions that reinforce the door-to-door MOS supply chains.