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Project title MEDiterranean food and agro Industry applications of Solar COoling technologies
Reference 032559 (INCO)
Principal investigator Hans SCHWEIGER - hans.schweiger@gmx.net
Start date 01/10/2006 End date 31/03/2010
Consortium members
  • ISE
  • ANME
  • CDER
  • EEAA
  • CCG
Program FP6 (2002-2006) Call FP6-2004-INCO-MPC-3
Subprogram - Category Europeo
Funding body(ies) EC Grant 108.930,00 €
Abstract The project aims to develop, test and optimize solar thermally driven cooling concepts for the food industry in the Mediterranean region, which under local conditions can result economically and socially sustainable. The objective will be to evaluate which systems could better suite the actual and future demand of the food and conservation industry sectors in the countries at the south edge of the basin and estimate in technical and economical terms the most appropriate technological approach for the application of solar thermally driven systems. The partners will carry out a survey of the energy requirement of the industrial sector analyzed in three of the most representative countries of the region. In particular the cooling requirements of the food industries in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt will be evaluated and the application potential of solar cooling and refrigeration technologies in the area will be estimated; as a result a unique instrument of analysis for any other further action which aims to the introduction of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency will be created.