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Project title ICEBREAKER
Official Website http://www.cimne.com/icebreaker
Reference 737424
Principal investigator Eugenio OÑATE IBAÑEZ DE NAVARRA - onate@cimne.upc.edu
Start date 01/10/2016 End date 30/09/2017
Coordinator CIMNE
Consortium members
Program H2020 (2014-2020) Call ERC-2016-PoC
Subprogram ERC-European Research Council Category Europeo
Funding body(ies) EC Grant 149.954,00 €
Abstract In the ICEBREAKER Proof of Concept (PoC) we will explore the industrial applicability and potential for commercialization of the computational technology developed in the SAFECON Advanced Grant project (www.cimne.com/safecon ) for the study of the navigation of a ship in an iced-sea and the determination of the ice drag of the vessel and the ice-induced resistance on the vessel hull. Up to date a commercial simulation tool including such features for the study of ice-ship interaction situations is simply not available. The ICEBREAKER PoC will help move the SAFECON software technology towards the initial steps of an innovation process leading to a new simulation software for helping naval architects to improve the design of vessels that should be operating efficiently and safely in iced seas. The activities in the ICEBREAKER PoC will include: a) Benchmarking the SAFECON software technology for simulating the navigation of a ship in an iced-sea. b) Establishing the technical viability of application of the software by public and private organizations and companies specialized in ship design, as well as in shipyards and the maritime transport industry. c) Study the possible implementation of the software in existing commercial ship hydrodynamics analysis codes. d) Perform market research for quantifying the potential for the commercial exploitation of the SAFECON software for ice-ship interaction problems. e) Dissemination plan for the software. f) Definition of IPR position. g) Study different exploitation models for the application of the SAFECON software technology for the enhanced design of ships cruising in iced-seas.