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The Biomechanics Group is focused in the development of numerical techniques, new methodologies and edge-front strategies in computational biomechanics. It is also devoted to the development of numerical methods for modelling and simulation of biomechanical and biomedical problems.

The research group belongs to the excellence network "Red Española de Investigación en Modelización Computacional Cardiaca".

The group is oriented towards the analysis and design in biomechanics, including topics such as:

  • Bone simulation and modelling; simulation of the mechanics of cadiovascular system.
  • Platform for the virtual modelling and representation of the human body.
  • Low contact and dynamic compression plates for fractures.
  • Boundary elements in biomechanics.
  • Study of heart and urology system mechanics.
  • Software development in biomechanics and bioengineering.

The Biomechanics Group has active cooperation with several countries world-wide such as France, Austria, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Canada, Venezuela, Perú, Germany, USA and Brazil among others.

The research team is headquartered in the CIMNE premises located in the Campus of the Baix Llobregat (Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia) of the Technical University of Catalonia.