Disaster Risk and Resilience

The Disaster Risk and Resilience Group (DRR Group) focuses on the development of prospective models to estimate possible economic and human losses caused by events with a natural and anthropogenic origin. This includes the development of multi-hazard catastrophe risk models at different scales and the use of a multidisciplinary and comprehensive framework that considers socio-economic and lack of resilience indicators. 

Current global agendas encourage countries, regions, and cities to manage disaster risk and design climate change adaptation strategies. For that, risk assessments with probabilistic approaches and the development and application of indicators about resilience and disaster risk management provide valuable information to monitor progress in a quantitative manner.

The objective of the DRR Group is to provide approaches, tools, and frameworks to be used in comprehensive risk assessments aiming to have a more resilient society.

The DRR Group has collaborated with several multi-lateral organizations and has been actively engaged in research, consulting, and capacity building activities in different world regions.