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In 2006 CIMNE started a fruitful cooperation with the People's Republic of China. During these several years, CIMNE has developed a number of partnerships with some of the most renowned scientific Institutions in China, such as Peking University, several research centers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Aeronautics Establishment.

Resulting from these several partnerships, CIMNE has been engaged in number of research and technology development projects. Supported by the 6th and 7th Frammework Programme of the European Union, CIMNE has carried out the coordination on the European side of a series of projects aimed at promoting joint EU-China research on aeronautics. CIMNE is also participating in research projects in areas of risk assessment of natural disasters.

In 2011, CIMNE promoted the creation of the CIMNE Beijing office in cooperation with Professor Mingwu Yuan from Peking University, and President of the International Chinese Association for Computing Mechanics. In 2013 the China office was officially established.





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