CIMNE and the University of Information Sciences (UCI) in Havana collaborate in RCMS European project


CIMNE and the University of Information Sciences (UCI) in Havana (Cuba) have been working together in the development of a 3D visualization tool, which is part of the international project Rethinking Container Management System (RCMS).

RCMS is a robotic container management system that is able to efficiently manage and handle more containers per square-meter than traditional handling systems used in port and inland terminals.

One of the main objectives of the project is to create a generic simulation tool enabling testing of RCMS. Millions of entities interact within these simulations including: 40ft/20ft containers, automated ground vehicles, trucks, cranes, gate control and vessels. This tool incorporates an add-on developed with Unity3D, that allows the visualization of large simulations efficiently in 3D.

From left to right: Jordi Jiménez, Pedro Arnau, Eugenio Oñate, Jairo Rojas (UCI), José Luis Castrillo (UCI), Jesús Carbajosa and Ángel Priegue during a seminar at CIMNE Barcelona

UCI research team stay at CIMNE

Last September 15th, two engineers from the mentioned university in Cuba arrived at CIMNE for a three-month stay to complete the final stage of the visualization tool in collaboration with other entities involved (Hamburg Port Consulting -HPC-, from Germany, and Israel Aerospace Industries -IAI-, from Israel). The work has been supervised by Ángel Priegue and Jordi Jiménez, from the CIMNE ICT Group.

Following several online meetings with the other partners, enough data and 3d models have been supplied for the project and, after two months of their arrival, quantitative results have been obtained. Taking into account the current state of the project, it is expected to finish the tasks within the agreed deadline.

3D images of the project