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Dr. Pavel Ryzhakov wins the Juan Carlos Simó Prize 2017

Published: 24/01/2017


The Assistant Research Professor at CIMNE, Dr. Pavel Ryzhakov (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1982), has been awarded the Juan Carlos Simó Prize 2017 by the Spanish Society on Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI).

This award represents recognition for young researchers in the field of numerical methods and their applications.

The contributions that made Dr. Ryzhakov the winner of this prize belong to the areas of fluid-structure interaction and multiphase flow modelling.

This work has also been applied to problems of industrial interest. Dr. Ryzhakov is presently collaborating with Prof. Marc Secanell and his group (University of Alberta, Canada) in the field of multiphase transport simulation in fuel cells. Dr. Ryzhakov is also collaborating with glass manufacturers in the field of thermo-mechanical simulation of glass forming processes.

Throughout his career, he has received several competitive scholarships and distinctions such as Youth and Knowledge award (2004), Marie Curie Scholarship (2006) or Juan de la Cierva Scholarship (2013), among others.

The researcher makes a very positive assessment of this new award: “The importance of obtaining a prize like Juan Carlos Simó for the trajectory of a researcher represents a proof that his contributions in the field of numerical methods have some relevance. In addition, there are some ‘pragmatic’ benefits that derive from the award, such as increasing the possibility of obtaining grants in the competitive project calls”.

Also, Dr. Ryzhakov highlights the figure of Juan Carlos Simó: “For me it is a great honour to receive this award, especially because Juan Carlos Simó was an extraordinary scientist and, according to those who were lucky to be acquainted with him personally, he was a very friendly and humble person”.