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CIMNE researchers actively participate at CSMA-SEMNI joint workshop

Published: 10/02/2017


From 1st to 3rd of February 2017 was held in Jaca (Zaragoza, Spain) the CSMA-SEMNI joint workshop about Model Order Reduction entitled “Numerical techniques for nowadays highly computationally demanding challenges: meshless, MOR and beyond”. Organized by the Computational Structural Mechanics Association (CSMA) and the Spanish Society of Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI), the workshop has successfully arrived to its third edition paying tribute to Prof. Pierre Villon, one of the developers of the Diffuse Element Method (DEM), in occasion of his retirement.

From left to right: Dr. Joaquín Hernández, Prof. Xavier Oliver and Prof. Sergio Idelsohn during their speeches

The workshop was structured in short lectures. Some CIMNE researchers participated actively: Dr. Joaquín Hernández give a talk about “Empirical Cubature Method for hyperreduction of Finite Element Models”; Prof. Xavier Oliver spoke about “High performance MOR techniques in computational multiscale modeling of fracture”; Prof. Sergio Idelsohn entitled his speech “ROM for the solution of parabolic problems with highly concentrated moving sources”; and “PGD for discrete systems” was the lecture given by Prof. Pedro Díez.