PhD Thesis presentation by Manuel Caicedo

Published: 28/02/2017

On February 24rd, 2017, Manuel Caicedo has been awarded his PhD by the UPC·Barcelona Tech. Dr. Caicedo carried out his thesis entitled "Computational Multiscale Modeling of Fracture Problems and its Model Order Reduction". Conducted under the supervision of CIMNE’s Full Research Professors Xavier Oliver and Alfredo E. Huespe, the PhD Thesis has received a qualification of Excellent “Cum Laude”.

The exam committee was composed by Prof. Sergio Oller (CIMNE/UPC), Prof. Elías Cueto (University of Zaragoza and President of SEMNI) and Dr. Sergio Blanco Ibáñez (Technical University of Madrid –UPM–, Spain).

From left to right: Prof. S. Oller; Prof. E. Cueto; Prof. A.E. Huespe; Dr. M. Caicedo; Prof. X. Oliver; Dr. S. Blanco

This Thesis focuses on the numerical modeling of fracture and its propagation in heterogeneous materials by means of hierarchical multiscale models based on the FE2 method, addressing at the same time the problem of the excessive computational cost through the development, implementation and validation of a set of computational tools based on reduced order modeling techniques.

>See full abstract and download Caicedo’s PhD Thesis