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The Victoria drone, case of study in a report about the digital transformation in transport

Published: 24/03/2017

The Victoria drone, case of study in a report about the digital transformation in transport The Orange Foundation has recently published a study under the brand ‘eEspaña’ entitled “Digital transformation in transport and logistics”. In the report was highlighted the drone named “Victoria” promoted by Industrias Ferry and developed under the Ulises project by the University of Vigo in partnership with CIMNE.


"Victoria" is the biggest no manned European vessel drone. Funded with the help of CDTI, this is an example of how the Internet of Things can be applied to the transport. The prototype is 100% autonomous and managed by Artificial Intelligence, so its represents a remarkable advance in the field the autonomy of boats. Indeed, the journal Cinco días echoed about the report in its edition of 20th March and mentioned the drone as a case of study in the research of automation and autonomy applied to different means of transport.

The team leader of the ICT group at CIMNE, Jordi Jiménez, in charge of the Ulises Project at the research center, explains that the autonomous drone could accomplish special tasks such control and coastal monitoring, offshore operation, board approach, etc. “This type of unmanned vehicles are intended, among other things, to carry out missions where human life (pilot) could be endangered, whether due to poor maritime conditions, accident missions with probability of explosions, etc. In these cases, use an unmanned vehicle is the best option. In addition, ‘Victoria’ can change at any time to be directed remotely from a secure site, if it is necessary”, explains Jiménez.

Cinco días