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Signature act of the Aula EEBE-CIMNE

Published: 17/05/2017

The director of CIMNE, Prof. Eugenio Oñate, participated last week at the signature act of the Aula EEBE-CIMNE, located at the East Campus of the Technical University of Catalonia

This project will provide continuity to the Aula EUETIB-CIMNE, created in July 2001, and will be part of the Network of Aulas CIMNE and the International Association of Aulas CIMNE (AIAC). Prof. Daniel Di Capua, from the Strength of Materials and Structural Engineering Department, will be on charge of the Aula EEBE-CIMNE. The new Aula will participate also in the activities of the Unesco Chair of Numerical Methods in Engineering. Specifically, the Aula EEBE-CIMNE will be used by researchers and students in the field of engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Automation, Biomedical, Chemical Engineering, Materials and Energy Engineering) for the development of research, education, development programs and implementation of models.

In addition to the formal signature ceremony for the cooperation agreement, Prof. Oñate visited the campus guided by the director of the EEBE, Prof. Luis Llanes, the coordinator of the Aula EEBE-CIMNE, Prof. Daniel Di Capua, and responsible for the Department of Strength of materials and Structural Engineering at the EEBE, Prof. José Ramón González Drigo.

Prof. Eugenio Oñate and Prof. Luis Llanes during de signature act