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CIMNE Seminar - "Fully coupled fluid-electro-mechanical cardiovascular simulations", by Mariano Vázquez

Published: 30/06/2017

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017. Time: 12h.

Place: C1001 Conference Room, UPC North Campus, Barcelona.


As a physical system, the heart is an extremely complex multi-physics problem, tightly coupled. Electrophysiology is a modelled by a time-dependent diffusion equation with a non-linear term involving the solution of up to 70 ODEs at each time step. Through a complex electromechanical model, it is coupled with mechanical deformation, which is modeled as a transient non-linear finite strain problem. In turn, solid mechanics is coupled to an incompressible flow motion, solved on a deforming domain either through ALE or IBM approaches. In this talk we will discuss all these features through several examples.


Mariano Vázquez is research group leader in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. He is one of the two main architects of Alya, a parallel multi-physics simulation code specifically designed to efficiently solve coupled complex problems in supercomputers, supervising around 50 developers and users from several disciplines. His research lines are on different aspects of computational mechanics, with a strong focus on biomedical research.