Coffee Talk - "Augmented and virtual reality applied to the Construction sector", by Oscar de Coss and Sara Rebollo

Published: 11/07/2017

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017. Time: 15h

Place: O.C. Zienkiewicz Conference Room, UPC North Campus, Barcelona.


There is no doubt about the attractiveness of the augmented and virtual reality technologies, also for the largest IT companies but still it is not clear their real value excepting for entertainment, in the videogame industry.

Nevertheless, there are some initiatives trying to show that it could have some room for these technologies in the AEC sector, as not only an expensive and dazzling novelties, but also to be a useful tool.

This talk would like to contribute to this debate. It includes a review of both technologies, describing of two of the most recent devices, HTC Vive and MS Hololens, as well as software, such as unity 3d and Vuforia, used to create AR/VR experiences, and a couple of examples to assess their potential practical use.


Mr. Oscar de Coss, is a civil engineer and has recently finished his Master in Structural and Construction Engineering at the UPC with a work entitled "Augmented reality applied to construction".

Ms. Sara Rebollo is currently finishing her civil engineering degree, and is working in a final thesis about how to apply virtual reality experiences to strength the awareness of the workers about the risks in a building site, as a possible activity in the occupational safety and health plan.