International workshop honouring Profs. C. Felippa and K.C. Park


An international workshop on "Advances in Numerical Methods for Simulation, Optimization, and Uncertainty Quantification of Coupled Physics Problems" was held on April 23-24th, 2018,  at the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Colorado at Boulder honouring the scientific career in the field of computational engineering of Profs. Carlos Felippa and K.C. Park.

Profs. Sergio Idelsohn and Eugenio Oñate from CIMNE participated in the workshop. Profs. Felippa and Park are regular visitors of CIMNE. In particular, Prof. Felippa has visited CIMNE for 1-2 weeks almost every year since 2007.

The scientific programme of the meeting can be seen at

Park, Oñate, Idelshon, Felippa

From left to right: Profs. Sergio Idelsohn, Carlos Felippa, K.C. Park and E. Oñate