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VAC-2018-41 – Ph.D. in Transport Economics

Published: 13/11/2018

Number of places:

Cathegory: Ph.D. in Transport Economics

Workplace: Barcelona. Campus North of UPC.

Salary (gross): 30.000 €

Weekly working hours: 40 hours/ week (from 9:00 am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm)

Contract Type: Temporal labor

Duration: 1 year

Functions to be developed:

  1. The candidate will be integrated in the CENIT Research Group
  2. Assistance in the transport mobility related areas, especially regarding transport policies and regulations at European and Spanish levels.
  3. Working on the EnerNetMob project, funded by FEDER fund through the Interreg MED program.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Degree in civil or industrial engineering or in economy
  2. D. in transport economy
  3. Required languages: Spanish and English
  4. Scientific publications in the field of transport.

Education and training (required):

  • Previous experience in a similar position or other experience relevant for the position.
  • Catalan

Other valued skills (not mandatory):

The requisites and merits will be evaluated with a maximum note of 100 points. Such maximal note will be obtained summing up the following points:

  1. Academic education (30%)
  2. Professional experience (15%)
  3. Other languages (English) (15%)
  4. Scientific production (15%)
  5. Personal interview (25%)

The curriculum and references have to be submitted to the email, specifying as subject: VAC-2018-41.

The deadline for submitting applications is November 25, 2018 at 12am.

Pre-selected candidates will have to send to all the supporting documents. The candidates may be required to hold an interview, which may be online.

Descarregar oferta (PDF)