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Sergi Saurí participates as an expert in an article about the Catalan commuter trains

Published: 19/02/2019

Sergi Saurí, team leader of the CENIT- Innovation in Transport Group of CIMNE, has participated as an expert in the article “There is a solution for Catalan commuter trains?” published by El Periódico in its 17th February edition on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the transfer of responsibilities from Spanish to Catalan Government. The article points out that the solution is to provide more money for investments and maintenance as well as improve the coordination between competent authorities.

The article addresses issues like the limited competences of the Catalan Government, the large investments in high speed at the expense of commuter trains or the low growth of passengers in the last decade. Saurí highlights that the number of passengers has not grown to the desirable rhythm because the demand is captivated, what it means that only use this transport who that has no other option. The diary also publishes a figure that compares the timeliness of the commuter trains of Madrid (96%) and Barcelona (92,6%)

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