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ECCOMAS awards the best 2018 PhD Theses on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering

Published: 08/05/2019

From left to right, Prof. Pedro Diez, Director of Civil Engineering School (Barcelona) and secretary of ECCOMAS, Prof. Nils-Erik Wiberg, chairman of ECCOMAS PhD Award Committee, and Prof. Eugenio Oñate, director of CIMNE.

The annual meeting of the ECCOMAS PhD Awards Committee, which aims to select the best theses presented in Europe in the field of Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, was held on April 26, 2019 at CIMNE Barcelona. The Committee was composed by Nils-Erik Wiberg (chairman), Karen Veroy-Grepl, Gernot Beer, Roberto Verzicco and Pedro Diez (secretary).

The ECCOMAS PhD Award intends to showcase the outstanding achievements of two young scientists at the start of their careers. Every applicant who presents a thesis on the ECCOMAS fields of interest and has it approved by a European University or research organization qualifies for this award. Each national or regional ECCOMAS Association selects one candidate’s thesis according to an internal selection procedure. Subsequently, the local ECCOMAS Associations send the selected theses to the ECCOMAS Secretariat in Barcelona, where the ECCOMAS PhD Awards Committee finally selects two Awardees.

Out of all the theses presented, the ECCOMAS Member Associations nominated 17 theses for the 2019 award. After the corresponding debate, the committee unanimously agreed to select the following two winners: Dr. Brian Staber, from France, for his thesis “Stochastic analysis, simulation and identification of hyperelastic constitutive equations” and Dr. Yasin Toparlar, from The Netherlands, for his thesis “A multiscale analysis of the urban heat island effect: From city averaged temperatures to the energy demand of individual buildings”.

These theses represent outstanding works in Computational Methods in Applied Sciences combining excellent knowledge of both theory and practice and a special insight on the fundamental and computational aspects. The thesis work from Dr. Staber developed new mathematical methodologies, algorithms, their analysis and their application to relevant problems, whereas Dr. Toparlar addressed an original problem with relevant social impact.

The awards, which come along with a sum of 2000 Euros plus the cost for the attendance to the Award Ceremony, will be handed over at the IX ECCOMAS PhD Olympiads organized within the framework of the V ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference (YIC2019), which will take place on September 1-6, 2019, in Krakow, Poland. All the final PhD candidates are invited to participate in the Olympiads and their fees for attending the conference are waived.

The European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) is a scientific organization grouping together European associations with interests in the development and applications of computational methods in science and technology.

The mission of ECCOMAS is to promote joint efforts of European universities, research institutes and industries which are active in the broader field of numerical methods and computer simulation in Engineering and Applied Sciences and to address critical societal and technological problems with particular emphasis on multidisciplinary applications.

From left to right, Professors Pedro Diez, Gernot Beer, Nils-Erik Wiberg, Karen Veroy-Grepl, Roberto Verzicco and Eugenio Oñate.