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Coffee Talk - "Numerical and experimental procedure for damage identification on railway bridges", by Pablo Sierra

Published: 13/05/2019

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019. Time: 15h.

Place: O.C. Zienkiewicz Conference Room, C1 Building, UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona


Throughout their service life, structures are subjected to a progressive deterioration of their performance because of losses in their resistant capacity. This may lead to unsafe usage conditions, increasing the probability of unexpected failures, with consequences that can be catastrophic and lead to significant economic losses. Detecting and identifying damage on time allows an optimal intervention of structures in order to maintain their level of safety and reliability.

In this talk, a procedure that integrates the structural health monitoring with a numerical damage identification method is presented.

It is able to obtain in an effective and reliable way the structural state. Different instrumentation solutions for the monitoring of structures are analyzed and compared, focusing on low cost hardware and open source software. Further, an optimization technique algorithm for the identification of damage is developed. The numerical method uses dynamic parameters as input, such as the fundamental frequencies and the direct response in accelerations. Applications in reduced and real scale structures of the proposed instrumentation are described, and numerical applications examples with the proposed algorithm are presented.

The talk and the presentation will be in Spanish.


Pablo SierraPablo Sierra is a Civil engineer from National University of Rosario (Argentine), master student at Master in Structural and Construction Engineering and his research interests are dynamic structural analysis and structural health monitoring.