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Fibreship presentation at the UPC

Published: 16/05/2019

Next Tuesday, 21st May 2019, the Fibreship project will be presented in the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies (FNB) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC, in its Spanish acronym). The aim of Fibreship is to overcome technical and regulatory challenges that involve replacing the steel that is currently used in the conventional shipbuilding of large vessels by the Fiber Reinforced Polyester (FRP).

To carry out this objective, the Fibreship team has been working since mid-2017 in the implementation of this technology and designing three types of vessels over 50 meters in length considered the most promising for the future market: a cargo transport vessel as a container (ship of about 240 meters in length); a passenger and leisure transport vessel, as is the case of a ROPAX of more than 200 meters; and within the special services vessels, an oceanographic of 85 meters in length.

This ambitious innovation project, led by the Spanish company Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería SL (TSI) together with four other entities —the International Centre for Numerical Methods (CIMNE), COMPASS IS, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) and the SOERMAR Technology Centre— and 13 other European partners (including BV, LR and RINA), will mark the future of the European shipbuilding industry by combining technology, innovation, usefulness, sustainability and acceptance by the market.

This technological and innovative challenge means to generate at the same time the regulatory framework that allows it.

The project which will end in 2020 includes the study of the production and development of modular assembly techniques in existing shipyards; the development of long-term structural health monitoring and damage control strategies; the development of inspection, repair and maintenance procedures and the management analysis of waste generation, life cycle and decommissioning of FRP ships.