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Seminar - "Peridynamic, a simple yet powerful method for multi-physics problems involving crack nucleation and propagation", by Farshid Mossaiby

Published: 17/09/2019

Thursday, September 19th, 2019. Time: 12 noon

Place: C1-110 Seminar Room, C1 Building UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona


Peridynamics is a rather new tool to analyze the fracture mechanics problems, using integral equations in place of PDEs. This helps, greatly, the solution of problems with strong discontinuities without the usual problems faced in conventional methods such as XFEM. In this talk, we will be discussing briefly the basics of the Peridynamics continuum theory as well as its meshless discretization. A short description will also be given on its computer implementation. Some numerical results will be presented and compared with experimental data, in mechanical and thermomechanical problems.


Farshid Mossaiby is an associate professor of civil engineering in University of Isfahan, Iran. He works in the field of numerical methods, especially their computer implementation on emerging hardware platforms for HPC. He is interested in fracture mechanics, and peridynamics in particular. He is also a full stack web and mobile app developer in his free time.

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