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Seminar - "Kratos Multiphysics time line", by Pooyan Dadvand

Published: 30/09/2019

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019. Time: 12 noon

Place: O.C. Zienkiewicz Conference Room, C1 Building, UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona


Kratos Multiphysics started in 2001. It was one of the first open-source projects in CIMNE which raised much doubt about its maintenance, reliability, and success. Of course, the route wasn't easy and we had several tough times during these years which made us change our way of work and adapt ourselves to its constraints and requirements. Fortunately, we succeed to overcome the problems and now Kratos is a large project with more than 2.5 million lines of code counting on an active community of more than 100 developers.

After 18 years of working on this project, it is time to look back to the past and see how different decisions contributed to its current status. The idea is to see how we learned during these years from our errors and to take notes about correct ones for the future.


B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran (1995). M.Sc. in Seismic Engineering from Tehran University, Tehran, Iran (1998). Ph.D. in Numerical Methods in Engineering from UPC, Barcelona, Spain (2007). Dr. Dadvand is one of the main designers of Kratos and in particular is the designer and developer of the Kratos main core.