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Ilaria Iaconeta defends her PhD thesis supervised by Eugenio Oñate and Antonia Larese

Published: 03/12/2019

On November 29th, 2019, Ilaria Iaconeta successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “A Discrete-continuum hybrid modelling of flowing and static regimes”. The thesis was carried out at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) under the supervision of Profs. Eugenio Oñate and Antonia Larese.

Dr. Iaconeta's thesis is focused on the macroscale analysis of granual flows. More specifically, it aims at providing a verified and validated numerical model able to predict the behaviour of highly deforming bulk of granual materials in their real scale systems. The PhD thesis received the maximum mark of Excellent Cum Laude

The PhD exam committee was formed by professors Riccardo Rossi (UPC/CIMNE, Spain), Fausto di Muzio (Nestlé, Switzerland) and Massimiliano Cremonesi (Politecnico di Milano, Italia).

Ilaria Iconeta
From left to right: Prof. Antonia Larese, Prof. Fausto di Muzio, Prof. Massimiliano Cremonesi, Dr. Ilaria Iaconeta, Prof. Riccardo Rossi and Prof. Eugenio Oñate

Short Bio

Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Master of Hydraulic Engineering by the Politecnico de Milano. Marie Curie fellow in T-MAPPP project (Training in Multiscale Analysis of MultiPhase Particulate Processes), during its stay at CIMNE was in charge of the development and implementation of the Lagrangian technique Material Point Method (MPM) in the open-source platform Kratos Multiphysics for the solution of granular flow problems in the civil engineering and industrial frameworks. Currently, she works as a R&D Junior Engineer at NLMK Belgium Holdings S.A.