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Closure event of the project E-Testing

Published: 12/03/2020

Recently, was held in Coslada (Madrid) the closure event of the project E-Testing funded by Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in the framework of the programme Iberoeka of the Industrial and Technological Development Centre (CDTI).

The project consists of an numerical-experimental tool for determining the state of integrity of structures developed by CIMNE and Geocisa in partnership. The usage of Vibration and Model-based damage detection methods (experimentally and numerically) have been tested in the form of controlled laboratory case studies as well as in construction sites. Data acquisition, data-transmission and data-analysis are encompassed altogether and deployed with satisfactory results and promising technologies to be readily implemented in other cases.

Juan Jesús Muñoz (I+D Geocisa), Jorge del Pozo (CDTI), Alejandro Rodriguez (Infrastructures Geocisa), Pablo Sierra (CIMNE), Rolando Chacón (UPC), Xavier Martínez (CIMNE/UPC)