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SMILER: Loss reduction in water distribution networks based on Machine Learning

Published: 17/04/2020

CIMNE is one of the partners of the SMILER project for the development of a loss reduction system in water distribution networks based on Machine Learning. The project (RTC-2017-6324-5), funded by the FEDER through the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (State Research Agency) within the 2017 "Collaboration Challenges" call, is coordinated by the INCLAM Group.

SMILER’s presence at events

Last September, Bucharest hosted the Water Loss 2019 conference, where David J. Vicente, CIMNE’s principal investigator for this project, made a presentation entitled “Adaptive algorithm for water loss estimation in networks based on advanced analysis of Minimum Night Flow (MNF)”.

The SMILER project also had a notable presence at the VI Water Engineering Conference, which took place in Toledo from October 22 to 25, 2019. At this Conference, members of CIMNE Madrid (Javier San Mauro, Fernando Salazar and David J. Vicente) also presented the topic “Geometric optimization of piano key spillways to improve their hydraulic capacity”.