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Pre-doc contracts positions for the training of doctors 2020

Published: 08/10/2020

Pre-doctoral positions funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, within the framework of the National Plan for Scientific and Technological Research and Innovation 2017-2020, that covers a 4-year period.

Applications: 13/10/2020-27/10/2020

Predoctoral position associated to research projects ("Challenges"):

  1. Reference: PID2019-104528RB-I00. Title: "PARAFLUIDS - Un Método Numérico Multi-Escala para Fluidos con Partículas"; PI: Eugenio Oñate Ibáñez de Navarra.

Predoctoral position associated to Severo Ochoa Excellence Programme

  1. Reference: CEX2018-000797-S-20-1. Main Research Line: "Soft and Living Material Interfaces", PI: Marino Arroyo
  2. Reference: CEX2018-000797-S-20-2. Main Research Line: "Structural Mechanics", PI: Eugenio Oñate
  3. Reference: CEX2018-000797-S-20-3. Main Research Line: "Structural Mechanics", PI: Xavier Martinez Garcia
  4. Reference: CEX2018-000797-S-20-4. Main Research Line: "Geomechanics", PI: Antonio Gens Sole
  5. Reference: CEX2018-000797-S-20-5. Main Research Line: "Aeronautical Engineering", PI: Jordi Pons Prats

The programme is open to students of any nationality. If you are interested in this call you have to apply here. If you have any requirements or questions, address to

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