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Severo Ochoa Coffee Talk - "GiD user licences: New cloud system", by Javi Gárate

Published: 10/10/2020

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020. Time: 15h.

Online - Session link:

GiD is a powerful tool developed at CIMNE more than 20 years ago, and it’s still being improved. It’s 15th version brings a new licence system. We used to have ‘local’ for a single computer, ‘floating’ for a local network, ‘USB’ for flexible teams, and now we introduce the new ‘User named’ licence, a personal licence that allows the user to use GiD by using it’s GiD account to subscribe to a month, year or lifetime plan.

We will talk about why we needed this new system, how has it been developed from a technical point of view, the new features that it brings to GiD users, how it interacts with the current gid shop and which are the amazing future lines for us. The language of this coffee will be Spanish.

Mr. Javi Gárate is a Computational engineer, IT specialist from the UPC, with a master degree in Mobile application development from the UOC, who works at CIMNE since 2011, and at GiD since 2015. He is in charge of the development of several products in the GiD ecosystem (also called problemtypes) and currently working in the ‘not so easy’ but challenging task of taking GiD to the clouds.