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[VÍDEO AVAILABLE!] Round table: Aviation 2030. The sector facing future challenges and an urgent transformation

Published: 22/10/2020

The aviation sector has technological tools to address the challenges of the future, but time is short and there are inertia in traditional business models. How do experts see the 2030 horizon? Are we prepared for the challenges of the future? What urgent transformations must be carried out? Utopia or reality?

Before the pandemic, the world was heading for an unprecedented ecological disaster due to the progressive increase in temperature and the accumulation of effects derived from the emissions of polluting gases. This has not changed, the underlying situation is the necessary transformation of many productive sectors to make them compatible with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Aeronautics sector

At the same time, digitization is transforming all sectors. In particular, aviation, due to its high technological specialization, has been one of the leading sectors in the development of solutions. These are spreading through the value chain and do so on a global scale almost simultaneously.