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CIMNE social networks

Published: 13/11/2020

CIMNE social networks are increasing their communities. Last week CIMNE’s Twitter account achieved 1,500 followers and Youtube Channel 1,800 suscribers. CIMNE’s largest social network is Linkedin which reached over 3,600 followers.

For a research centre, the presence in social networks is crucial, since it is a meeting place between the scientific community, stakeholders and society. The content curation work and the explanation of the centre's activity through these platforms are based on a commitment from the research centre to society.

As a result of this commitment to disclosure, in 2015 CIMNE promoted the development of a scientific and technical publisher and professional social network to connect researchers and professionals in science and technology: Scipedia. It allows sharing knowledge and expertise via the web through free publishing and open access services. Since its creation, the platform has experienced an annual growth of members of 150%.

Social Networks CIMNE