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CIMNE and FEMCIC signs an agreement to improve the training of Mexican engineers

Published: 01/12/2020

Recently, the CIMNE, through the CENIT Group for Innovation in Multimodal Transport, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Mexican Federation of Civil Engineering Institutions Federation of Associations of Civil Engineers of Mexico (FEMCIC). 

This agreement, which will enter into force in April 2021, will give access to courses on infrastructure management, cooperative arrangements between two or more public and private sector (PPPs) and sustainable mobility to more than 60,000 Mexican professionals. These courses will be taught by CENIT, which shares its know-how with Mexican professionals through this consultancy initiative.

CENIT agreement

The Mexican government has launched a significant investment in infrastructures and needs highly qualified and updated professionals in the sector. For this reason, the FEMCIC, through this ambitious agreement that aims to homogenize good practices among professionals in the country, offers its associates training in transportation, logistics, mobility, smart cities, etc. The engineer Óscar A. Cortés, vice-president of International Relations of FEMCIC, explains that "XXXX".