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Encouraging results of the full-scale psychrophilic tubular digester in operation for eight years

Published: 08/01/2021

On 30th December 2020 has been published “Psychrophilic Full Scale Tubular Digester Operating over Eight Years: Complete Performance Evaluation and Microbiological Population” on the edition 2021 of Energies, an MDPI Open Access Journal. Jaime Martí-Herrero, a researcher at the Building Energy and Environment Group of CIMNE, is one of the authors of this article that has been published in the Special Issue Biogas for Rural Areas.

This paper outlines the results of a joint investigation about biodigesters made between Colombia, Ecuador and Spain universities and research centres (CEIAM, GIBIM, Ikiam Amazon Regional University, CIMNE and University of Leon). In specific, the research consists of a tubular biodigester installed in a pig farm in Colombia, which has been in operation for eight years. It is a low-cost biodigester, that is, it does not have agitation or heating. This biodigester has been monitored intensively for 50 days, and the results have been surprising. According to the research results, the eight-year-old biodigester at 17ºC works the same, or better, than heating biodigesters.


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