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CIMNE Scholar registers close to 80,000 citations

Published: 11/01/2021

CIMNE closed 2020 with a total of 79,706 citations registered by Google Scholar, an h-index of 131 and an i10 Index of 1014. During 2020, the tool assigns 6,557 citations to CIMNE researchers' publications, an 8% increase compared to 2019 (6,032 citations registered). In addition, for the fifth consecutive year, it exceeds the barrier of 6,000 citations.

The three most-cited publications in the centre are the following:

A plastic-damage model for concrete
J Lubliner, J Oliver, S Oller, E Oñate
International Journal of solids and structures 25 (3), 299-326
3168 1989
A constitutive model for partially saturated soils
EE Alonso, A Gens, A Josa
Géotechnique 40 (3), 405-430
2935 1990
A finite point method in computational mechanics. Applications to convective transport and fluid flow
E Oñate, S Idelsohn, OC Zienkiewicz, RL Taylor
International journal for numerical methods in engineering 39 (22), 3839-3866
1018 1996

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