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CIMNE will participate in the Next Generation Catalonia Plan

Published: 16/02/2021

Next Generation CataloniaThe Government of Catalonia has presented #nextgenerationcatalonia, a Plan for the economic reactivation and social protection of Catalonia. This plan is aligned with the 2030 Agenda and development goals, the European green deal and the European digital strategy. Investing in future trends, the strength of leadership or contribution to reindustrialization are few out of the 10 prioritization criteria included in this report.

To do this, 27 projects are launched. CIMNE participates in project 16, Hub of Artificial Intelligence and Language Technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most important and transformative digital technologies in the economy and society. This proposal will promote a hub to strengthen the Catalan AI ecosystem and lead the generation of knowledge and the creation of AI-based solutions to promote economic growth and the improvement of people’s lives.

The AI ​​hub includes, among others, the language technologies project, which aims to create a voice infrastructure for Catalan and a digital linguistic database. Both the infrastructure and the linguistic database will be modular, open, contributory, incremental, interoperable and reusable so that any administration or company can use it, in whole or in part.