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[Video available] Severo Ochoa Coffee Talk - "Biomimetics. A new paradigm of the Circular Economy. Sustainability through renaturation", by Dr. Pere Monràs

Published: 25/03/2021

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021. Time: 15h.

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Jorge Ignacio Aguadero Casado will interview Dr. Pere Monràs, medical oncologist, about biometrics to solve questions as the following ones: What is biomimetics? Why biomimetics? What is not biomimetic? The value of the intangible, of unlearning? Art and Science, why? Biomimicry and digital twin? What could be the digital twin of the intangible? And what is the role of Artificial Intelligence in this matter?


He is recognized as one of the engines of organizational innovation in healthcare: he worked as a doctor, and developed management responsibilities in the healthcare system. General Director of the Parc Taulí Sanitary Corporation and Presidency of the Employers' Association of the sector (2000-2003), he inspired reflections and actions on the changes and needs of integration of research and innovation of these services towards social progress. As a person with specialized training in the development of complex organizations, Pere Monràs has developed key aspects of the governance and management of organizations. Later he developed a concept factory (Hèlix3c), a technological platform (SANGAKU maths) for collaborative learning and a diffusion brand (ESPORA) to promote the necessary relationship between science and art. Experience in civic participation issues as Founding President of the Circle for Knowledge (2001 - 2004), creating complicity between knowledge and capital. In 2018 he promoted a new foundation, Biomimetic Sciences Institute (BSI), fully dedicated to the construction of a metamodeling of biomimetic inspiration as a science of discovering living nature, applying the art of using reason and relationships, aware of the need to a revolution of consciousness.