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[Video available] Severo Ochoa Coffee Talk - "Tdiary, human resources and knowledge management in companies. Why is it important to keep a log of employees´ activities?", by Ramon Ribó

Published: 09/04/2021

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021. Time: 15h.

Online - Session link:


Human resources and knowledge management in tech companies is a key activity for success. It is important to answer the "what, who, and how" for every activity in the company, as well as to understand how the key knowledge in the company, both commercial and technical, is preserved. Many software developers and software packages have addressed this problem and have proposed a wide range of utilities, many of them with great merit.

The author proposes that a very useful method to achieve these objectives is to create a culture in the company where every employee keeps a daily log of user activities, contacts, achievements, and per project timetable. The author proposes a new software package in the cloud that assists the employees to keep track of this information, offers assistance to automate some of the data collection (by registering computer activity), and gathers a lot of information that can be useful for later analysis with AI techniques. The conference will be mainly practical, with a brief demonstration of the software capabilities and an explanation of the practical advantages that every capability is to offer.


Ramon Ribó is a Civil Engineer with a Ph.D. in mesh generation and preprocessing for FEM obtained at CIMNE and the UPC. He has co-founded two companies: Compass, an engineering company for software development for FEM computer simulation, and Scipedia, a company for data management software for scientific publishing and for BIM construction projects. He has been the Director of Compass since the company was founded. During his activity, the author has created or co-created as well as managed the development of several software packages. A brief list of them: GiD (pre/postprocessing system for FEM), RamSeries (structural FEM analysis and composite materials), Tdyn (FEM Multiphysics), CustomLIB (data management for preprocessing systems), Lognoter (data management), Scipedia TeamUP (Scipedia scientific publication app) and Scipedia BIM TeamUP (BIM projects management system). Currently, Ramon is leading the development of Tdiary, an app for managing employees' log diaries and time management resources.