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Gavius project dissemination action in Mataró

Published: 23/04/2021


On April 20th, 2021, the Mayor of Mataró, David Bote, and the Mayor of Gavà, Raquel Sánchez, gathered the partners of the European project Gàvius in Mataró (Barcelona) to explain the co-creation process that now involves citizen participation.

Gàvius is an innovative project to create a virtual assistant for the local administration to communicate to the public the social aid they have at their disposal. Besides, they will be able to process, grant and perceive them in a comfortable, fast and simple and respectful way with their privacy through a mobile application. Potential beneficiaries will be able to apply for and manage the aid at the moment. The project is being worked on in a way that prioritizes the privacy of users, who will be identified by a completely secure system.

The European project Gàvius to create a virtual assistant to know and process social aid from a mobile phone is advancing with the work led by Gavà City Council and the support of Mataró City Council, and business and university partners like CIMNE, among others

This project, which was chosen in 2019 in the call for European funds from Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), has advanced with the joint work of the administrations involved, companies and university research centres. 

The mayor of Mataró has been convinced that the project “allows us to activate the necessary transformations to bring the administration closer to the citizens, to advance in the opportunities of the future for our neighbors. It is part of our New Futures for the Mataró strategy aimed at strengthening us as a metropolitan, just, a prosperous and pioneering city”.

For David Bote, despite being an initiative with a high technological component, Gàvius stands out for its social purpose: “It is designed to ensure that people can have the best access to services, especially those that are of first need, such as food".

Now is the time to include the public in the process of co-creation of this mobile application that will be launched through the platforms "Gavà participates, Gavà decides" and "We decide Mataró" where citizens can answer a survey and / or participate in a working group

Coinciding with the presentation, the new project website was launched:

CIMNE, the technological partner

In the Gavius ​​project, CIMNE provides the identification and collection of relevant information from available data sources to use in an appropriate way for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ​​applications that will be developed. The ICT research group of the centre also collaborates in the development of the interface of interaction between the Social Services of the city councils and the citizens.

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