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eFlows4HPC is now an affiliated project of the HiPEAC network

Published: 08/05/2021

eFlows4HPC is now an affiliated project of the HiPEAC network. eFlows4HPC aims to deliver a workflow software stack and an additional set of services to enable the integration of HPC simulations and modelling with big data analytics and machine learning in scientific and industrial applications.

The software stack will allow creating innovative adaptive workflows that efficiently use the computing resources considering novel storage solutions. On top of this software stack, the project will build an HPC Workflow as a Service (HPCWaaS) platform to facilitate the reusability of these complex workflows in federated HPC infrastructure.


The goal is to provide methodologies and tools that enable sharing and reuse of existing workflows and that assist when adapting workflow templates to create new workflow instances. The project aims to demonstrate the workflow software stack through use cases of three application Pillars with high industrial and social relevance: manufacturing, climate, and urgent computing for natural hazards.